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Re: sloan buttons, iron-ons, tees...

heylooooo :)

>   Last night my Sloan newsletter/poster fell off my wall and I 
>noticed the mini murderecords catalogue thing on the back of it, 
>which said you can get Sloan buttons (purple and white - Alex has 
>one) and iron-ons and that "je m'appelle sloan" shirt, etc... I don't 
>know quite how old this thing was, but does anyone know if these are 
>still available?  

the buttons, iron-ons and 'je mapelle' shirts are unfortunately all gone.
killin' jil tried to order some last summer but to no avail. shes getting
mad right now as im reminding her...

bring back the iron ons! :)

tara :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom