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Les Amis Bios

heyyyy.. :)

to all bands who are partaking in the Les Amis.. project :

things are progressing well. copies will soon be run off and at the
moment we'd like to start putting together the accompanying little zine
which will include band bios, etc..

if you are in a band and already havent done so, please send a short bio
and picture (if desired) in whatever layout you please (your art is your
call) to
1501 roberval ave. 
orleans, ON
k4a 2c4

bios may also be sent by email.

** please try to send your pieces in asap. if you are mailing them by
snailmail, it might be a good idea to notify me via email so that i know
to be expecting it. this will prevent any from being left out because we
didnt know they were being sent; if we dont get them in time they simply
wont be included.

 :) thanks for your co-operation and patience.

tara :) 
 (on behalf of the 2 taras)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom