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Re: sloan Dates

At 12:00 PM 04/01/96 -0400, Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:
>Brendan Ryan <ae598\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca> postulated
>}Well, wouldn't they have a tour planned in support of their upcoming album?
>}Jim wrote:
>}>         Does anybody have any idea when sloan is going to be returning to
>}> the Windsor area. I saw theme at Lancerfest '95 and I would really love to
>What upcoming album?  Shaken by the Speed is already out, has been 
>for over a month.  Are you saying they're working on a *fourth* 

Help!  Maybe I'm reading this all wrong, but does Sloan have a new album out
called  "SHAKEN BY THE SPEED?"  If so, please give me more info.  Also, if
you care to read on, I've yet to see a sloan discography, so could anyone
fill me in on anything I don't have?
        peppermint ep
        twice removed
        same old flame/stood up 7inch

I know there's also an underwhelmed single.  Thanks