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Re: newest sloan record

>     Andrew P. Rodenhiser wrote:
>     >What upcoming album?  Shaken by the Speed is already out, has been 
>     >for over a month.  Are you saying they're working on a *fourth* 
>     >album??
>     So there's a third full-length album from sloan that recently came 
>     out? Does anyone know whether it has been released in the US yet? I've 
>     seen nothing here from sloan that's any later than Twice Removed. Is 
>     the exact title Shaken By the Speed?
>     Thanks in advance for any info.
>     -Ryan


there is no new Sloan album, because (believe it or not) several individuals 
on this list STILL think that it's a "really funny joke" to pretend that 
there is one.

<dripping sarcasm mode ON>

Ha ha ha!  Isn't that just the funniest thing you've ever heard??!!

<sarcasm mode OFF>

It's just a hoax
Sorry to break the news to ya!