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sloannet teeshirts!! please read!!!

hey htere...

ok tee shirt people heres the list of the final send off of shirts... 
please make sure to check it there are bound to be errors.. 

ason yanota		xl
tara dacosta		m
steve dinn		xl
andrew rodenhiser     xl
bill hutten		l
patrick hawley	xl
shant pelley		xl
dale houston 		xl
keith moen		xl
derek gates		l
lou kusnier		xl
barbara yamazaki	l
matt lazowski		xl
cp walsh		xl
gabrielle giattino	m
john pette		xl
megan mallet		l
carol nishitoba	m
katrina grentz		l
alfred sanford		xl
james r covey	l
andrea gin		m
shawn stackhouse     xl
roderick affleck	xl
james cooper		xl
gord dimitreff		xl

please check the list and inform me of any erors and corrections that 
need to be made (there are bound to be some) and get back to me asap!!!

these shirts will be sent in the next week...

New Orders: 

i have extra shirts if anyone wants to make new orders... the cost of 
shirts has risen to $15 ($12 for the shirt $3 for postage) after the 
advise of my business manager yan raymond... i lost money on the previous 
batches as $10 wasnÕt really covering the postage of the orders and the 
suplies to make them... 

get in touch with me if you want to order new sloannet shirts...