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no punchbacks

hi :|

i saw radioblaster \!/ the horseshoe last night (this morning?), and they
really, really rawked!!  the sound (music and vocals) was tight and clear,
and they all looked like they were having fun (and not hating each other ;)
).  i was really impressed, and had difficulty stopping myself from bouncing
in my seat, since i didn't have the nerve to get up and dance.  i may sound
like i'm sugar-coating this review because derek is on the 'net, but this is
my 100% honest opinion, and i really like radioblaster.  yay for
mississauga!!  oh, and make sure those of you with muchmusic watch _fax_
tonight, since larissa was filming them at weird angles.. (hey, maybe i'll be
in the crowd!... as if!)...


				...sizzle teen

p.s.  up until now, i always thought that the little drawing on the cover of
_sugar shock_ was a lego piece... 
p.p.s.  is the postal code for the local rabbits H9R 2S1  or  H9R 2J1??? 
i've got a conflict...