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Re: Jeremy Harris Clarke????

Yes, its easy to get that wierd old film quality if you use weird old 

But interestingly, in the "King" vid, the same camera and type of Super 8 
film stock was used for both the outdoor and live stuff, but the live 
stuff was shot on stage at the Birdland by Mike Clatenberg (of 
Streetcents and Muchmusic fame) and its strangely clear and generally of 
higher quality then the other footage shot buy Sean...  which explains Mike 
Clatenbergs "god like repuation."  He also did the Len Candy Pop video, 
for example.


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On Tue, 2 Jan 1996, Brendan Ryan wrote:

> nstar\!/ibm.net:
> > Are you serious about the grace babies. I can give you their address if
> > you'd like....and you can tell them how much they rule. Maybe ask them a
> > question for me, how did they get that weird old film quality effect for
> > their video? pretty cool.
> > 
> > btw, how old are you?
> My Guess is that they used super8 film for that "Weird old film quality" 
> effect, the same effect that about ten billion indie videos posess.. It 
> totally made sence in the 80's but now it costs a fortune for a video on 
> super8, but this is the case with any technology that is past it's 
> hayday. I don't like them too much, but some people do, so that's 
> perfectly cool, they are great at what they do and hey did I mention Waye 
> likes em?.. well yeah whatever.. I'm outtie..
> Brendan..