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caught up in triviality

I have Sloan photos from their April 1993 concert with the 
Lemonheads at my alma mater Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 
Troy, New York (not to be confused with Ryerson in Toronto).  
They are B&W photos, taken by a member of the yearbook staff 
there.... great quality.  I've got a question about a picture of 
Chris Murphy.

Besides smiling and singing into the microphone, he's wearing a 
zippered coverall jacket ( a la gas station (station d'essence) 
attendant) with a nametag on it.  My question is .... what's on 
the nametag?  The first letter looks like K, the last three 
letters are ELL.  My guess on the second is J, which spells 
out..... Kjell?   Anyone out there with a clue?  I figured if he 
wore the jacket on the rest of the tour, someone out there might 
have gotten a closer look.  Triviality........

Fearing the wrath of SloanNetters concerning the plethora of 
messages on the Net, I ran this one by TLW for approval before 
posting it..... 

TLW:  I'm trying to get the negs; if I do, I'll have a copy sent 
your way.  Thanks!

Randy, trapped in Ohio USA, desperately trying to get back to