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super friendz, & local rabbits q..

here's what i know about the super friendz..

i think they're to be considered a 'trio' since the core of the group is
charles, drew, and matt.  they don't seem to have a permanent drummer -- they
haven't given a final verdict on lonnie yet, i guess since they don't know if
he'll stay or not (given their past experience with drummers ;) ).  it may be
kinda hard, though, to become a quartet because with songwriting and all
that, and i guess we all know what could happen in a group with four prolific
songwriters, unless the drummer is just happy banging away at the skins... 
changing drummers is also "a dynamic we've come to enjoy", according to drew.

does anyone have a mailing (snail-mail) address for the local rabbits?  

eek!  2 more days before the move to ottawa..

				...sizzle teen