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best o'95, dec 30-31

From: Derek Tokar - PHAS/F93 <dtokar\!/acs.ryerson.ca>

 1) best east-coast band
	*Elevator to Hell
	*Thee Suddens
 2) best non-east-coast band
	*Teenage Fanclub
 3) best east-coast LP
	*Elevator to Hell
	*Super Friendz- MUSD
	*The Hardship Post- Somebody Spoke
 4) best non-east-coast LP
	*Superchunk- here's where the strings...
	*Teenage Fanclub- Grand Prix
	*Ben Lee- Grandpaw Would
 5) best east-coast EP or single
	*Sloan- Same Old Flame
	*Thee Suddens- how things go
	*Thrush Hermit- TGPO (picture disc version only)
 6) best non-east-coast EP or single
	*treble charger- self=title
	*The New Grand- A Dangerous Affair
 7) best live performance (a single date, a single band please!)
	too hard to pick just one!
	I'll say *Superchunk at the Pheonix in Toronto
 8) best video (EC or non)
	*The Smashing Pumpkins- bullet with butterfly [Awings
	*Weezer- Buddy Holly
	*Radiohead- fake plastic trees-or - just

see ya,

From: Roderick Affleck <affleck\!/ug.cs.dal.ca>

In no order:

> 1) best east-coast band

Preppy Relatives
State Chimps
Rebecca West

honorable mentions go to Chinstraps, Coyote, Spine, and Superfriendz.

> 2) best non-east-coast band

P.J. Harvey
Royal Trux
Archers of Loaf

> 3) best east-coast LP

Motes - _Gesner_
hardship post -  _Somebody Spoke_
Various -  _Watering Hole Frequency_

Honorable mentions:  	Rebecca West - _burners on_
			Superfriendz - _mock up, scale down_

I'm only giving them honorable mention because both are seriously marred
by Brenndan McGuire's crappy production.  Why is he so popular?

> 4) best non-east-coast LP

Archers of Loaf -  _Vee Vee_
Superchunk -  _here's where the strings come in_
Royal Trux -  _Thank You_  (not as good as the utterly classic _Cats and
		Dogs_, but still a damn fine album)

> 5) best east-coast EP or single

Thrush Hermit -  _Great Pacific Ocean_
various -  _Edgefest 7"_  (if I could only find a copy of it...)
State Champs -  _Nevada Downs_ 

Honorable Men: 	Coyote -  _ep_  
		Spine -  _Black Greasy Five Eye_
		Potbelly (and Stand gt) - _Smoke More Pot_

> 6) best non-east-coast EP or single

Archers of Loaf -  _Classic Rock Is For Pussies_  (even if the songs sucked
		which they don't, this would win for the name alone)
Nerdy Girl -  s/t
Local Rabbits - _Put on your snowsuit..._ (for sentimental reasons)

Honorable mentions:  	Scrawl -  _Good Under Pressure_  (2 utterly ass-kicking
			Nerdy Girl -  _New Jersey_

> 7) best live performance (a single date, a single band please!)

single date:  Sometime in april, I got to see 4 incredible bands, three of
	them for the first time.  It all happened at the Khyber, and those
	that played were:

	State Champs
	Popularity Contest
	Preppy Relatives
	The Tim Robbins Experience

single band:  Almost every coyote show, but in particular the Bubai-encore
	at their record release gig

> 8) best video (EC or non)

TV sucks.  Fuck you Much Music.  (ie, I don't have cable)

9)  best vinyl discoveries in my dad's record collection

Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra -  
	original soundtrack to the motion picture "Chariots of the Gods",
	or for those of you that have seen it in french, "Presence des
	Extra-terrestre".  (Dad, I'll never grow tired of this)

T-Bones -  _Shapin' Things Up_

The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett -  _El Hombre_

thanks, I feel better now.



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