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best of 1995 poll RESULTS

ok kidz, you voted, i tabulated, here's the results:


sloan narrowly beat the superfriendz for this one,
who in turn narrowly beat eric's trip and thrush hermit.
no one else was close to those four...

1. Sloan
2. The SuperFriendz
3. Eric's Trip,
   Thrush Hermit (tie)
4. jale
5. Elevator to Hell
6. The Motes

tied for 7th with 2 votes each:  
   PlumTree, Rebecca West, Spine, State Champs


i guess chris trowbridge didn't manage to sway the vote!

1. Sonic Youth
2. Archers of Loaf,
   Treble Charger (tie)
3. Pavement
4. Superchunk

tied for 5th with 3 votes each:
   The Inbreds, Sianspheric, Swervedriver

tied for 6th with 2 votes each:
   Change of Heart, Guided by Voices, Hayden, John Spencer Blues Explosion,
   PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Royal Trux, Rusty, Sebadoh, Shellac, 
   Smashing Pumpkins, Tristan Psionic


the superfriendz were runaway winners with the biggest
winning margin (18 votes) of any category.  some 
people seemed to think that _great pacific ocean_ is a
long-player, i guess because it came out on a 12".

1. The SuperFriendz, _Mock Up, Scale Down_
2. The Hardship Post, _Somebody Spoke_
3. Elevator to Hell, _Elevator to Hell_
4. The Motes, _Gesner_
5. Thrush Hermit, _The Great Pacific Ocean_ EP,
   Sloan _Twice Removed_ (tie)
6. Horseshoes and Handgrenades, _A Thousand Thousand Ways to Get Things Done_

tied for 7th with 2 votes each:
   Eric's Trip _Forever Again_, Rebecca West _Burners On_, 
   various artists _Watering Hole Frequency_ (Ant Records compilation)


for some time now, archers of loaf seem to have been the
pet non-east-coast band of sloan net, so i guess you could
have called this one.  what a great album.

1. Archers of Loaf _Vee Vee_
2. Sonic Youth _Washing Machine_,
   Superchunk _Here's Where The Strings Come In_ (tie)
3. Guided By Voices _Alien Lanes_,
   Pavement _Wowee Zowee_ (tie)

tied for 4th with 3 votes each:
   Hayden _Everything I Long For_,
   Radiohead _The Bends_,
   Sianspheric _Somnium_,
   Smashing Pumpkins _Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness_,
   Swervedriver _Ejector Seat Reservation_

tied for 5th with 2 votes each:
   Blue Rodeo _Nowhere to Here,
   Fugazi _Red Medicine_,
   Radioblaster _Sugar Shack_,
   Royal Trux _Thank You_,
   Spooky Ruben _Modes of Transportation Vol. 1_,
   Teenage Fanclub _Grand Prix_,
   Treble Charger _Self=Title_ EP


give me a break.  the *sloan* 7"?!?!?  there must
have been at least *ten* east coast EPs and singles 
that were better than that one!  i guess i can take
comfort in the fact that thrush hermit would have
won this category if the votes for _GPO_ for "best LP"
were counted here.

1. Sloan "Stood Up" b/w "Same Old Flame" / "Same Old Flame" b/w "Stood Up"
2. Thrush Hermit _The Great Pacific Ocean_ EP
3. jale _Closed_ EP
4. Orange Glass 7",
   various artists: edgefest 7" (tie)
5. Elevator to Hell _Forward To Snow_ 7",
   Eric's Trip "The Road South" 7" (tie)

tied for 6th with 3 votes each:
   Broken Girl _Nora_ 7",
   PlumTree _Flutterboard_ cassette,
   Spine _Black Greasy Five Eye_ 7",
   State Champs _Nevada Downs_ 7",
   Thrush Hermit "Take Another Drag" b/w "Came and Went"


no one came close to treble charger.
there seems to be some confusion about what
the new 7" by the new grand is called but i'm
pretty sure i counted the votes right.  i haven't
seen the single so maybe someone can tell me what
the right name is.

1. Treble Charger _Self=Title_ EP
2. The New Grand "Playing It" 7"

tied for 3rd with 3 votes each:
   Grifters _Eureka_ 10",
   Hayden _Mild and Hazy_ 7",
   Local Rabbits _Put On Your Snowsuit, You're Going To Hell_ 7",
   Nerdy Girl _Nerdy Girl_ 10",

tied for 4th with 2 votes each:
   Guv'ner _Knight Moves_ EP,
   Hole _Ask For It_ EP,
   Snailhouse 7"


no matter how you count it, thrush hermit are
halifax's best live band, whether they're playing
originals or steve miller covers!  

1. Thrush Hermit \!/ Edgefest 3 in Toronto
2. Sloan \!/ Edgefest 3 in Toronto

tied for 3rd with 2 votes each:
   Pie \!/ Middle East in Boston, May
   Sonic Youth \!/ Lollapalooza in Barrie, Ont.
   Spine \!/ Birdland, Halifax, April


1. Thrush Hermit
2. Sloan
3. Eric's Trip, 
   Treble Charger (tie)

tied for 4th with 2 votes each:
   Boss Hog,
   Change of Heart,
   The Inbreds,
   Sonic Youth,
   The SuperFriendz,
   The Tim Robbins Experience,
   The Tragically Hip


i have to admit that i was surprised that
*nobody* voted for hardship post "watchin you".
for my money it was the best east-coast vid
next to al tuck "buddha".  maybe the concept
was a little too subtle?  people don't like
black and white?  

1. The SuperFriendz "10 Lbs."
2. Radiohead "Just"
3. Treble Charger "Even Grable"
4. Al Tuck & No Action "Buddha",
   The Rentals "Friends of P" (tie)
5. Sloan "People of the Sky"

tied for 6th with 2 votes each:
   Bjork "It's Oh So Quiet",
   Guided by Voices "My Valuable Hunting Knife",
   Radiohead "Fake Plastic Trees",
   R.E.M. "Crush with Eyeliner",
   Sonic Youth, "Diamond Sea"

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