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superfriendz #100 in toronto

hi kids,
i'm listening to CFNY's top 102 countdown of 1995, and _Mock Up, Scale 
Down_ from superfriendz is #100. not as impressive as sloan's _twice 
removed_, which placed in the top 20 last year (I think it was #14), but 
it surprised me, considering you hardly even hear superfriendz being 
played on CFNY.  and martin streek the babbling idiot called them a 
"four-piece band from Nova Scotia featuring Chris Murphy from Sloan".  
well, at least he got the chris murphy part right.  okay, i don't know 
much about superfriendz, but they *ARE* a 3-piece band, are they not?
well, happy new year anyway....i got a good laugh out of it. :)

take care,