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Re: superfriendz

> > wouldn't know, since i haven't seen them live.  (it's not by choice, but 
> > every time i was supposed to go see them, some disastrous circumstance 
> > would keep me from going. weird.)	
> I haven't seen them for a long time, so I might be wrong, too.  :)
> Is someone gonna jump in here and tell us who is right? <g>
> Are The Super Friendz a trio or a quartet?
 I saw the Super Friendz live in Toronto when they opened for Jale at 
Lee's Palace this past September. It was the Chris Murphy-on-drums 
incarnation which I was lucky and happy to see. They are definitely MEANT 
to be a quartet because drums are an integral part of their sound. 
(Chris Murphy rocks on drums like he was possessed like Keith Moon!) Dave 
Marsh played on the record but I think I read that he wasn't happy just 
being the drummer, and that he wanted to do other things. So presently 
The Super Friendz are looking for a permanent drummer(c'mon Chris, if 
you're reading, how about jumping in, and taking up the drumming 
full-time?) Or shall the Super Friendz be stuck perpetually in Spinal Tap 
mode with a continually new line-up of drummers?