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mail from canadia!

Heck Yea!!
I check my mailbox Today, and find all the mail from that forbidden place
called Canada that I've been expecting in one big bundle.
I finally got my murderecords stuff, so I can actually comment on the new (
not anymore, but new to me) Sloan 7".  I like "same old flame better than
stood up, times a million. No, a billion. Plus one.  I guess that my thoery
is once again proved that patrick's songs (If it's by patrick, that is. He
sings it at least) rule the earth, And he is hidden such a far away place so
as not to have a planetful of mindless zombies to do his bidding because his
songs rule the earth as stated before. Whew. AnYwAy, I also got the
superfriendz 7" that everyone else already has. It does indeed rule, very
sloanific. I also got Tara D.C's neat-o bootlegs that someone mentioned, and
they rawk. And ffiction Is really good too. Order it. Anyway, I'm curious now
that someone's brought it up, I've seen discography fer sloan but how's 'bout
a T-shirtography?  I've so far only heard of the MOTOX the drummer one, the
now unavailable racing stripe one , and the tour damages one.  Oh, if yer
back yet, Tara, what did those Bootleg sloan T-shirts Chris Murphy mentioned
in th' video look like? Thanks a million fer all the copyright infringement,
ADAM==\    /==