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old sloan poster

On Thu, 29 Jun 1995, the mighty Katrina wrote:

> newcast) & I imagine it is pretty rare (I've only ever seen 1 before 
> in a certain ultracool listmember's "hard rock cafe for losers" basement :)

does this "ultracool" pertain to the listmember or the basement? :) :)

> ...his is an advertisement for a show at hfx's shortlived camaros cafe in
> dec 92). 

I know there is another one in existance, it is in another listmember's 
basement(which is not as cool, except for temperature, and it too is from 
the camaros. So count yourself lucky to own one, cuz I don't think there are
many around.

Ultracool show by the way. They started the show with a left 
of centre rap. 

oh well, gotta go catch up on chores I didn't do cuz Tara dC :)

sitting in this room so long, waiting to go home  
i think about the comfort, being home alone   
i watch and think and listen to you talk about your dreams  
i want to be with you all the time but that ain't goning to be   
Eric's Trip's "Don't Worry About Me"       Adam Rodenhiser