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Re: Sloan MOTOX shirt

The motox jerseys are modeled after _I think_ a Suzuki jersey and are 
yellow with I think black writing are very cool but just as expensive,  
think 35-45 bucks but worth every red cent _if you like jerseys and 
sloan and yellow_ For a more acurate account of it email murder.

On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, Darryll Hobson wrote:

> I would imagine that most people on the net here own their very own
> Sloan MOTOX style long sleeve as orderable from Murderecords, so this
> should be an easy question for anyone to answer:
> What's it look like?  I mean, what is "MOTOX style" ??  Is that some sort
> of mesh?  
> Is it heavy material?  thick?  does it have a hood?  pockets?  does it 
> accomodate a clip-on tie?  
> any verbose descriptions welcomed...  and maybe a ranking from 1 to 10 on 
> the "tastefull clothing" scale (1 being a "sheepskin vest", 10 being the 
> Sloan "bill for damages" shirt -- way cool)
> thx
> me