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Treble Charger self=title

Ok so i got the new ep and i've only given it a quick listen but it
sounds pretty good so far... the first two i really like (the second is
the only 3/4 song on the cd so you'll know it when you hear it <g>) and
the rest i need to listen to more.

NOW about the cd-rom:
UNFORTUNATELY i can't get any audio off of it! i'm not sure if its my
soundcard or i don't have a doublespeed cd rom (i have a single speed
but i think that doublespeed is just the recommendation) but i get NO
sounds so even tho i can see everything whenever i find a little
interview clip or a piece of a video or even in other parts where i'm
sure there should be background music or sound FX theres nothing...
sigh... my dad said he might be buying a soundcard soon i hopethat will
NEhow tho the visual is REALLY cool with bands (TONS OF BANDS I SWEAR i
thought there might be 4 or 5 other bands than TC but there are maybe
40!!!), zines, and other fun things (like He Is Just a Rat tasteless
cartoons from exclaim!\!/#$) and other animated things that don't make any
sense at all (some alien looking type thing that has its brain explode
out of its head) but they're fun.
In the band parts you can get the adresses to reach them at and when
clicking on other things like a viewmaster viewler or talking lips you
see an interview or part of a video (the inbreds page shows the last 30
or so seconds of You Will Know, for example) i can't wait till i can
hear the audio i bet it'd be really cool w/it



BTW is anyone here gonna run out and get the new Foo Fighters on July 4?
It sounds good its just that they're going to be sooooo big not that a
band cant be big and good but it makes it less SPECIAL :)