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wikked weekkend

whew.  just finished folding and stuffing 300 single sleeves.
thanks a million to roderick and shant for helping out with
that.  your cheques are in the mail.  :-)  

the state champs singles look really cool!  and they sound
cool too.  ya-hoo!  hey, did anyone see the story about 
daydream records in today's daily news?  maybe i'll transcribe
it later...

once again i have a huge pile of email that i haven't answered.
this is due to my wonky keyboard.  i'll try to take care of
that tomorrow.

man, i miss tara + jil + jason + brandon.  we were enjoying
cute kid overload here for a few days.  they're gonna kill
me for calling them kids.  :-)  anyways, we haligonians who
got to know them have decided that the _ffiction_ crew rule
the planet.  nuff sed.

are local rabbits really playing here this weekend?