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Re: mail from canadia!

yo whaddup, g's? :)

>back yet, Tara, what did those Bootleg sloan T-shirts Chris Murphy mentioned
>in th' video look like? Thanks a million fer all the copyright infringement,

[adam- i'm glad you got the stuff ok. :) i forgot to send a letter in the
parcel so i sent it seperately - postmarked in nova scotia, too... :)]

a-ha! :) these guys were selling these *awful* bootlegged sloan tees at
the last montreal show...they were black and had a bad copy of a photo from
impact magazine -i can't remember the issue no. but it's the one we have
10 billion copies of and we cut it up and mutilate it for ffiction all the
time :) (its the page-sized one where they are seated at a picnic table
and chris is holding a gun..)

anyhow, the tshirts were really bad - you could see where they'd used a
marker to darken places in the photo - and it was done quite sloppily i
might add..
but were they ever fun to see. :)

shant or kat got one, right? i think...

check y'all.. 

tara :) :)

"The smile that you send out...
   returns to you." :)
-Indian Wisdom