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Re: Sloan MOTOX shirt

hobson\!/mprgate.mpr.ca (Darryll Hobson) asked:

}I would imagine that most people on the net here own their very own
}Sloan MOTOX style long sleeve as orderable from Murderecords, so this
}should be an easy question for anyone to answer:
}What's it look like?  I mean, what is "MOTOX style" ??  Is that some sort
}of mesh?  
}Is it heavy material?  thick?  does it have a hood?  pockets?  does it 
}accomodate a clip-on tie?  
}any verbose descriptions welcomed...  and maybe a ranking from 1 to 10 on 
}the "tastefull clothing" scale (1 being a "sheepskin vest", 10 being the 
}Sloan "bill for damages" shirt -- way cool)

Surprised nobody else jumped on this.  MOTOX maybe would make more sense 
spelled MotoX or Moto-X: it means motocross.  The shirts are yellow with 
black (almost vertical but a bit slanted I think) stripes like Suzuki 
motorcyle suits.  The logo is like the suzuki S but says sloan.  I DON'T 
HAVE ONE so please don't beat on me if I'm inaccurate.  Anyone who does 
should have posted by now.  Thus I'd say they're rather uncool because 
nobody bought them. :)