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Re: what do these names mean?

Ryan Benson <rbenson\!/is.dal.ca> corrected us with:

}On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, waxing apathetic wrote:
}> I think that I have heard Sebastian or one of the Post describing the 
}> origins of the term "hardship post".  According to them it was a crap job 
}> which one would take, usually for a term of some sort, usually in the 
}> middle of noplace, or on a fishing trawler or something.  This is likely 
}> a regionally specific term, as I haven't heard it here in Nova Scotia, 
}> just a hop down the coast from the illustrious Newfoundland and Labrador.
}Actually, it's not a regional term; it's a military term, though you have 
}the right idea about the meaning.  It refers to a posting which for one 
}reason or another will inflict some kind of hardship on those sent there 
}(ie a Greenland weather station, a desert, Scarborough, etc).  While 
}there, you would generally get some kind of bonus to your pay to make up 
}for being stuck in the boonies.  Maybe HP was saying something about 
}trying to make it in the East Coast music scene...?

I'm glad to finally find out what this means.  I knew that The Hardship 
Post was the nickname for the post in the middle of the stage at the 
Deuce, but I figured that it was named for the band, not the other way