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Re: kupal kestshuns

On Thu, 29 Jun 1995, Darryll Hobson wrote:

> >> this shirt came out around Oct 1993, on the front of it there was a bill

I am sorry for my stupidity, I bought mine in oct 93, it actually was 
for sale before that, like in sept, since it was a tour shirt

> >> from Much Music to sloan for microphones and other equipment that were
> >> "intenionally damaged by band Sloan" On the back there was a list of tour
> >> dates across canada with/and without Thrush Hermit
> >> The shirts were bright orange with white text.
> I don't know if you just made that up, but it's pretty much not correct.

No I didn't make this up, as for I am the proud owner of one!  And it is 
pretty much correct.

> The shirt, as it first appeared, was one of two styles:  white on purple 
> (with yellow "Sloan") 

Peter Rowan still has and wears one regularly 

> or white on green (with yellow "Sloan").  There was
> nothing on the back.

sorry but mine does...

"           fall '93 w/thrush hermit*

sept  *7 montreal                *16 guelph
      *8 ottawa                  *17 windsor
      *9 brampton                 20 winnipeg     "
and so on.....
> The bill itself was for damage caused at the Commodore Ballroom here in 
> Vancouver...  the damage included 2 microphone stands and (I think) 1 micro
> phone.  

close but no cigar...  (me and you)

I must admit that i was wrong it was not "Much Music", but was 

      " Westex Music West Opening Party"

which I thought was actually a "Much West Opening Party"
the bill(invoice #12093) dated April 30 1992 was for 
two "share ?M 58 Mic's (intenionally damaged by the 
band "sloan" at the commodore"  and one "boom damaged"

$300 for the two mic's and $33 for the boom plus $23.10 for GST
(GST#R102829728) for a grand total of $353.10


P.S. Thank you Kat

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