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Re: kupal kestshuns

>>> okay, what is the sloan bill for damages shirt?
>> this shirt came out around Oct 1993, on the front of it there was a bill
>> from Much Music to sloan for microphones and other equipment that were
>> "intenionally damaged by band Sloan" On the back there was a list of tour
>> dates across canada with/and without Thrush Hermit.
>> The shirts were bright orange with white text.

I don't know if you just made that up, but it's pretty much not correct.

The shirt, as it first appeared, was one of two styles:  white on purple 
(with yellow "Sloan") or white on green (with yellow "Sloan").  There was
nothing on the back.

The bill itself was for damage caused at the Commodore Ballroom here in 
Vancouver...  the damage included 2 microphone stands and (I think) 1 micro

I believe that this damage occurred when they were playing "opening
act" for (this may be wrong) SNFU.  The following year they were back
in Van as a headliner and played at the Town Pump...  later in the
year they played at the New York Theater (I think) and the following
year at the Howden Ballroom.  (although, at the latter point in time they
were popular enough to fill the Commodore venue, I think that they've 
secretly vowed never to return!)

that's all