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screw canada day.. state champs day

hey there...

i just wanted to make sure everyone in the metro area realises that july 
first is state champs day...

we will be play three count them three shows that day at various times 
and places... which means you have no excuse to not see us at least 
once!! so if we run into you on the street and yer like "uuhhh i had to 
work all night " or "uhhhh i cant go to birdland im underage" youve got 
no excuse...

heres the scoop:

2:30 : ROW on springgarden ... this is a free instore experience... and 
all ages ... so stop by..

9:00 at the khyber building.... this is all ages too... and you can see 
emily duke and the motes as well as us... in addition there will be 
psychedelic projections and shit like that ... itll be a trip...

10:30 birdland ... the late show... its saturday night where else are yah 
gonna go? anyhow see us and leonard conan and mars we love you...

so there you have it three shows ..a show to suit each and every person...

also on this incredible rock weekend... the motes play birdland on friday 
night with thee suddens .. and plumtree, kiss daddy goodbye and the 
preppy relatives play friday night at the khyber... 

so its definatly a super rock weekend...

one more thing... state champs day is in celebration of our new 7" which 
will be released on said day... so come party with us :)