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Tour poster.. how old?

hello all. ;)
Today, a friend of mine gave me an extra copy of an old Sloan poster that she
has had for a few years (to join my collection of Sloan posters ;) ). It's
red and black on white, and has a big, blurry picture by Laura Borealis of (I
think) an empty stage at a concert. It has the band name and the words "we
tour.. therefore we are", along with a bunch of dates, running from Montreal
in October to CBGB's in November. I'd just like to know anything about.. i.e.
what year are those dates? were they selling it at shows? is this a
*collector's item* ?!?

a l e x 

P.S. I think I asked this a long time ago, but this thing reminded me.. does
anyone (other than TdC ;) ) have any good Sloan boots? anyone? anyone?