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going back to ottawa...(no sloan, just a sappy good-bye note

By the time most of you read this the party from ottawa will 
be heading back home.  Tara dC, Jil, Brandon, Jason, Jil's Mom,
Tara's Mom, Cheesy G, and of Freaking Fish have finished their 
visit to the home of sloan.  Let's see, in the past week they 
have been to CM's highschool, CM's homes, everywhere in hell, darkness
Lawerencetown Beach, Point Pleasant Park, Conrad's Beach, Peggy's Cove 
Public Gardens, The Liquordome(don't tell the moms:) Halifax Citadel,

It was really a great week, I really hope that they enjoyed themselves as 
much as I did this week, except for the lack of sleep and too much sun, 
and "losing" them and then spending the next 2 1/2 hours walking around 
halifax looking for them (Marc - How many times did shant and i call or 
visit murder?)

It is really weird that people, like me, kat, shant, james, jim, 
tara lw, heather, roderick, mike c, marc b, and anyone else who met them, 
can get along sooo well, without really knowing each other.  I know this 
is sounds really sappy but, just being around 'em for six days, i feel 
like i've known them forever.  oh well, i just want to say that they 
are welcome back anytime, come again soon.


P.S.  Tara dC is just as cute as you could possibly think, and Tara, 
don't ever cut or get rid of your pigs tails cuz you know then the aliens 
can get you.  Those lights in the sky... they just might be like me:)  

sitting in this room so long, waiting to go home  
i think about the comfort, being home alone   
i watch and think and listen to you talk about your dreams  
i want to be with you all the time but that ain't goning to be   
Eric's Trip's "Don't Worry About Me"       Adam Rodenhiser