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Re: what do these names mean?

On Wed, 28 Jun 1995, waxing apathetic wrote:

> I think that I have heard Sebastian or one of the Post describing the 
> origins of the term "hardship post".  According to them it was a crap job 
> which one would take, usually for a term of some sort, usually in the 
> middle of noplace, or on a fishing trawler or something.  This is likely 
> a regionally specific term, as I haven't heard it here in Nova Scotia, 
> just a hop down the coast from the illustrious Newfoundland and Labrador.

Actually, it's not a regional term; it's a military term, though you have 
the right idea about the meaning.  It refers to a posting which for one 
reason or another will inflict some kind of hardship on those sent there 
(ie a Greenland weather station, a desert, Scarborough, etc).  While 
there, you would generally get some kind of bonus to your pay to make up 
for being stuck in the boonies.  Maybe HP was saying something about 
trying to make it in the East Coast music scene...?

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