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this friday in t.o...

hello sloan netters :)

sorry if i'm excluding the rest of you not in the t.o. area... please don't
hate me.. please!

i'm sure that most of you know about the canada day show at lee's palace
featuring the super (duper) friendz and hcg.  BUT.. this friday at the el
mocambo, hcg, the super friendz, inbreds, trustan psionic, and another group
not listed are playing!  it's $6 in advance, and $8 at the door. 

here's the confusing part:  when i phoned the hotline ( 416-598-3115) it said
that there are 2 shows, the first being all-ages.. but when i phoned the el
mo (416-928-ELMO - the club, not the furry red monster ;) ) the lady said
that it's only 19+.  now i'm really confused!  could someone else find out
and contact me, please???  ooooo.. to see the super friendz again... <giggle>

			...sizzle teen
	(giddy cuz she saw the odds last night, and cuz my pics of the hardship post
came out.. yipee! :D )