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SuperFriendz/HipClubGrooveDates ....... (fwd)

Hey all.. I thought this might be of some interest to ppl so I decided to 
forward this (from my other account which would explain y I'm at Toronto 
rather than the usual Carleton <-- not that anyone cares but.. :P)


'Kay here goes...


The Super Friendz
23rd	Saskatoon	     Sammy's
	w/ Thrush Hermit
24th	Winnipeg	     Ozzie's
	w/ Thrush Hermit
29th	Kitchener	    Volcano (tent.)
30th	Toronto	    The El Mocambo
	w/ The Inbreds, Wooden Stars 
	      and Tristan Psionic
1st	Toronto	    Lee's Palace
2nd	Hamilton	    X-Club
	w/ Tristan Psionic
3rd	Kingston	   Muldoon's (tent.)
4th	London	   The Embassy Hotel

3 dates w/ The Local Rabbits
5th	Ottawa	    The Pit
6th	Montreal	    Soundgarden
	w/ The Poumons
7th	Quebec City	   (?)
	w/ The Poumons		

Hip Club Groove

1st	Toronto Canada day show
2nd	Ottawa	Barrymore's
6th	Toronto	Rivoli
7th	London	Embassy Hotel
8th	Oshawa	Eclipse
9th	Hamilton	X-club
17,18th	Saskatoon	Amigo's
19th	Calgary	The Republik
20th	Edmonton	Skate Park
21st	Edmonton	Renford Inn
28th	Whistler	The Boot Pub

1st	Banff	Wild Bill's
2nd	Canmore	Drake Inn
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