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mucheast/steaming toolie

hello :)

i see that newbie mark beat me to this post... grr... nah, just kiddin' ;)

i watched mucheast as well... lotsa good videos... "nebulous" by jale, grace
babies "king" (they're too cute!!), "french in hell" by the hermits (!?) ;) 
(i know, stale joke..), etc.  although mr mike confused me cuz he mentioned
the grace babies and was talking about their video for "lure" and i was
getting all excited about seeing a new video by them, but "king" came on...
not that i have any problem with that, but a new video would've been neat-o.

also featured brett ryan busking an acoustic <sp?> version of "underwhelmed"
(well, the first part of the song)!  took a while to realize what song it was
(hey, it was kinda mellow!) but it was great :)

and thrush hermit's tour diary seg... um, nice acting!?

ok, now onto steaming toolie... my cousin wants to buy a copy of _snowbreeze
glitter_, so i was wondering where she should write and send $ to since jon
ain't quite at that address...  also, does anyone have jon (bartlett)'s
ontario address?  i kinda misplaced it....

that's it for today... i think...

			...sizzle teen
			[bummed that she missed jon's phone call :( ]

p.s.  mr. cp walsh, are you trying to make the single people jealous (driving
me, err, them to the point of massive depression) by mentioning one's fortune
of finding love on the 'net??   how crewl...   :(  *sniff*