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Got my murderecords 7"'s

YAY its so nice to go to the mailbox and get FOUR SONGS IN AND ENVELOPE

      I got my "Stood Up / Same Old Flame" sloan single which i listened
to for about 30 seconds so i can not give much of a review right now.
On first listen i don't love the songs but i'm sure i will later as i
liked maybe 4 songs and twice removed when i gave it a quickk listen but
now i like just about all of them and even the ones i don't like have
certains parts in them i do like (i.e. in Before I Do when its at the
end and its just those chords over and over with the spoken word stuff
in the back ground i like that) actually i don't like any part in
Loosens... oh well ;)
      I also go my Superfriendz 7" which was a bit of a risk for me as i
had never heard anything by them (actually i had heard one song a while
ago on the indie hour but i didn't pay too much attention to it) and i
listened to all of one song and most of the other and its GREAT i'm
really glad i got it.. COME CLEAN is one of those instant hits, like
"You're Such a Stupid Idiot" where i listen to it once and know i really
like it.  The B side WHEN THEY PAY ME (Did neone else notice that when
they name the song on the actual vinyl its WHEN THEY PAID ME?) i really
like that too although not as hooky as come clean ;) it reminded me of
sloan and sonic youth at the same time neet huh.
       In other news theres a NEW murderecords catalog which i received
in the envelop w/my singles and its REALLY GREAT LOOKING much better
than the single piece of paper deal. it even shows the tshirt designs,
except for the murderecords t which i woudn't mind seeing. and it
actually acknowledges their e-mail adress! oh yah i guess i should say
what it looks like... its a long pice of paper folded once (kinda like
the insert in "the great pacific ocean" cd and on the front is new
releases (t. hermit, sloan, stinkin rich, local rabbits) inside front
cover is all the previous releases, inside back cover is tshirt designs
and adresses, and the back cover is some guy with all these vinyls on
his desk... looks pretty 60's :)
       Also inside the envelop was a "Sloan : Smeared" postcard with the
usual message from Jay F. Is Jay the only person who writes these??? He
must be so sick of trying to find little interestng things to say . well
i think i've got a collectors item now ;)


- You CAN'T MOSH to a 3/4 song!!!!