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Re: spine in TO!

OK this has nothing to do with spine, but it does have to do with Sloan 
and superfriendz and thrush hermit. I just got back tonight from the most 
poorly advertised show that had thrush hermit and superfriendz playing 
with three local highschool bands.  Anyway Chris Murphy was there too 
playing drums for superfriendz.  It was a really good show but it was too 
bad that the room was only filled with about 10 highschool people and 
about another , 18+ people. Oh well I guess that is too be expected when 
you only have a small advertisement in the local paper...and no posters.
Anyway just thought I would let you know, it seems Chris Murphy is 
turning into quite the drummer!!!:)
bye for now
girl who never posts..Kendra:)