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re:same old flame lyrics/"your mail"

 Hmm, let's see now...
    About the lyrics to that wicked song...I noticed too when I'd 
asked for them and Katrina GwhatshernameIcan'tremember (Katherine?) 
posted her interpretation that they sounded a little off...so I think 
that in this case Ashley is right about his/her corrections (hey, 
it's a unisexual name)...at least for the 7" version...
     And regarding cp walsh's little comment: 
 >is the fact that you're bringin' your bo at all related to the 
little love nest some have found on this net?
   Why, whatever are you talking about, cp? Love nest...hmm, don't 
know what you're thinking of, haven't heard of anything of the sort 
on here... ;)     
   Positively incestuous if you ask me ;) ,
 BTW, I accidentally deleted practically all my sloan mail the other 
day...and a lot of it I hadn't been able to read yet...so if anyone 
has written me in the last few days (weeks, even?) then I'm truly 
sorry if you haven't received a reply...I'm not a bitch, really...