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frisbee is a humbling sport

Hey kids,

a quick reminder, jale is playing tonight with the big grand and perhaps 
trike also at birdland.

a little sloan net rendezvous kinda thing happened last night at the 
second cup on spring garden, the infamous tara da costa and crew (jason, 
jil, and brandon) plus the mums were on hand to meet up with the highly 
excitable james covey, heather harkins, adam rodenzinger ;) , shant 
pelley, roderick affleck and oh yeah i was there also. I tell ya, it was 
sure bizarre to finally meet up with the *other* tara. :) anyway, so far 
all of our plans to meet up are always getting screwed up, but that's ok, 
we have a week.

and i have to say, ffiction 3 is by far thee best sloan fanzine i've ever 
seen, i think i laughed out loud 8 million times or so. :) esp. the sloan 
money and restaurant menu. tdc puts all other sloan zines to shame, she's 
the queen of the zine scene. :)

a humbling game of frisbee was held today at point pleasant park between 
roderick heather and myself, and oh my god, it is true, guys are better 
at frisbee than girls...it's the wrist action thing... ;)  james "catch, 
boy, catch" covey showed up two hours later or something and proceeded to 
humble me even further, until I decided to make frisbee a full body 
contact sport. Yay! What a wuss...man, if roderick wasn't there to stop 
me, i would have torn james to pieces...

hell and darkness sloan netters, we're trying to get this picnic idea to 
happen in the near future, maybe we can all start *telephoning* each 
other. you can always reach james at 477 2804 (well, his voicemail 
anyway) and right now you can call me at 423 5802. Also, we're talking 
about a trip out to peggy's cove, so get in touch if you wanna go be a 

sorry to non hell area sloan net kids for wasting space...

sweaty and gross,
tara :)

ps/ I finally got one of the infamous Jay Ferguson records, I found it 
for a quarter at backstreet records in saint john new brunswick. 
Hilarious, man. :)