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Zedd/daydream catalog, 1st edition

june 24/95

all right, kids, here it is -- the zedd/daydream 
catalog.  you know you've been waiting for it.
break out the champagne.


Z001 -- SPINE _Black Greasy Five Eye_ 7"
the kickoff release for halifax's new heavy rock 
label is a gleaming white slab o' wax that rotates 
33-1/3 times per minute and features *three* hit 
songs: "Black Greasy Five Eye", "Going Going 
Gone", and "Autumn".  debut vinyl release from the 
bass-heavy power trio that birdland audiences love 
to love.


DD001 -- STATE CHAMPS _Nevada Downs_ 7"
halifax's new indie-pop underdog label (cinnamon 
toast are quaking in their boots) bring you the 
debut vinyl from halifax's new indie-pop underdog 
band.  you know them, you love them here on sloan 
net (mike "bugaboo" catano, jon "punker-than-thou" 
dacey, mark "wayne" mullane), and now you can have 
them in your record collection.  includes smash 
hits-in-waiting "teen circuit" and "gaited dancer" 
(studio version) as well as two *additional* 
tracks.  basic black vinyl.


STATE CHAMPS _Back To The Billions_
10 songs including a four-track version of "gaited 
dancer" and a new version of "wine makes us."

THE MOTES _Gesner_
the best 4-track cassette release we've ever 
heard.  hands down.  we're not kidding.  wicked 
pop songs with nods to eric's trip and pavement 
alongside quirky instrumental tracks.  on truro's 
small but mighty "ant records."

singles   $5
cassettes $6
both prices include postage.  US orders please 
send US funds so that we can pay the extra 
postage.  make cheques or money orders out to 
James Covey.  send your orders to:

Zedd Recordz/daydream records
PO Box 29057
Halifax Shopping Centre
Halifax, NS  B3R 1K5

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