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Re: sloan flexi\sound sheet\sound page

On Mon, 19 Jun 1995, Adam S Rodenhiser wrote:

> coax me(icks nay on the evie stays micks) which different than the 
>        2XGone version. 

someone said that was just chris doing all the parts on that 
version...dunno if that's true....

> One professional care. this is supposed to a smeared leftover, atleast 

This is sung by Andrew, btw. It's a really great song, too. We will we 
will ROCK you.....If anyone is absolutely 100 % desperate for it and can 
wait about three or four more weeks, you can always mail a blank tape 
plus a 88 cent stamp for postage to me and I'll tape it. But you have to 
wait til i get back to calgary. email me if you want my address...bla bla bla

Oh yeah.....Halifax/Dartmouth/etc sloan net kids, there's gonna be a 
lame-o picnic this week so stock up on veggie burgers...keep in touch via 
phone or email with listmanagerboy or something...

crazy from the heat,
tara lee roth