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Canada Day is State Champs Day!


Canada Day. Halifax. Rock and Roll. What more could you ask for??

State Champs will be playing three yes count 'em three times in Hell on 
our beautiful country's birthday. R.O.W., Khyber Cafe, and Birdland. 
Hopefully the FAB new 7'' which you ALL should buy will be released that 
day as well. Woo.

In case you haven't heard any of their earlier stuff, I've decided to do 
a brief review of their new cassette which you can get by e-mailing Jon 
"I'm the Man" Dacey at   ad886\!/cfn.cs.dal.ca

It's called Back to the Billions.

Wake Up, Chatham -  Hmmmm, very Pavementesque.
Swinger Theory -  Reminiscent of Pavement's earlier work.
Gaited Dancer - The best song of the bunch, but you can get it on the 
7''. :) sounds like Pavement.
Nevada Downs - wow this is the name of the 7'' but this song doesn't 
appear on the 7''. Cool. sounds like pavement.
Calder, Called Her - Kinda like Pavement.
She's a struggle - you guessed it...
Kempton Park Stakes - it's sort of like the second half of "slanted and 
Wine Makes Us - the hit single from the Prizewinners compilation. I bet 
pavement wished they wrote this song.
 Snake Sermon - Resembles Pavement.
Punx Rule - similar to pavement if they sounded more like punks.

Tara a bitch" Dacey.

I *LOVE* you guys... :) :)

check ya,
Tara, 1/3 of the daydream nightmare

ps/ wayne, I'm just kidding. :)
"I'd like to understand
 What you think about
 Why it seems so bad..."
      SAND - Eric's Trip