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HCG and superfriendz in TO on july 1

i don't know if anything's already been posted about this, but just to 
let everyone in the greater toronto area know, hip club groove and 
superfriendz are playing lee's palace on july 1, canada day, according to 
the current issue of NOW magazine.  :)  hmmm, looks like some competition 
for edgefest!  :)   also on the bill are yet another posse and made.  i'd 
go, but i won't be in town for the rest of the summer, so i hope 
that all the GTA sloan-netters make an effort to go. :) :)   oh, there's no 
mention in the ad on whether it's an all-ages show or not.  someone might 
want to call them (416-532-7383) or email them (lees_palace\!/magic.ca) to 
verify this.  

happy trails...

i'm off to finish packing for muskoka (i leave tomorrow)

N i N a 

ps:  i hope everyone has a rawkin' good summer.  :) take care!  

   "I'm going back to Ottawa/where everybody's more like me/I hope it makes 
        you feel as all alone..." -- ERIC'S TRIP, 'The Departure Song'