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Re: wyzard... the original east coast rock...

On Fri, 23 Jun 1995, Jonathan Dacey wrote:

> anyhow it rocks!!!! totally wicked old sabbathy maideny (pre maideny 
> actually) ... anyhow its totally amazing.. its a concept album and 
> everything... 

and everyone knows how much Andrew Scott loves shit like that, Tygers of 
Pan Tang and Iron Maiden and Diamond Head. Wycked music, I'm sure it's 
totally influenced him. Chris and Jay were always more into that hardcore 
junk so I guess it would be Patty and Andrew...

> anyhow there is some pretty weird stuff on this album... and it wouldnt 
> surprise me if one of the sloan boys had stumbled across it much in the 
> same fashion as myself... 
> anyhow the moral of the story is that this album totally rules and with 
> or without the bands permission we may dub off a couple of copies... 

sign me up jon. :)

love tara lee avid collector of east coast ANd Shitty metal music. :)

"I'd like to understand
 What you think about
 Why it seems so bad..."
      SAND - Eric's Trip