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Re: Spine, Coyote gig in TO

>colin wrote: 
> >SPINE are playing a free show at the Horseshoe....
> >  This is on Tuesday.  Come up, come out  :) :)   Hopefully Covey will 
> >be there.  I can meet the man, the legend.  :0
> well, i wish i *could* be there, but i can't.  argh. hope you guys 
>have a good time anyway.  

  Will do.  Any merch gonna be there?  :)  Those new music night 
showz usually don't have venders at them.   I need to purchase my 
first Zedd Recordz vinyl.  ;-)

> >-PSS is Purple Helmets the eric's trip sidethingy?  The headline 
> >from Halifax.  I can't go either way but it sounds very interesting.
> no, you're thinking of purple knight.  purple helmets suck.  imho. 

  Thanx for clarifying.  I guess I would have been in a real shock 
showing up for that one....

-just like any scene.  Halifax also has it's gimmic bands. IMHO