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Spine, Coyote gig in TO

  While we are on the subject of pluggin' showz.  SPINE (of Hot Cold 
and Handsome fame) are playing a free show at the Horseshoe as 
part of Dave Bookman's (the guy who sang "deeper than beauty" 
w/the inbreds awhile ago) attempt to salvage the indie cred at 
CFNY.   I feel sorry for that station the amount of times they've put 
their foot in their mouth over the years.

  This is on Tuesday.  Come up, come out  :) :)   Hopefully Covey will 
be there.  I can meet the man, the legend.  :0

-PS anyone interested in a Kill Rock Stars shirt.  It's white w/blue 
ring sleaves (very eighties).  Cheap!!  Email me private.....

-PSS is Purple Helmets the eric's trip sidethingy?  The headline reads 
from Halifax.  I can't go either way but it sounds very interesting.

by y'all,