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Re: waste of space/tara's stupid life/ sorry

On Wed, 21 Jun 1995, Emily Vey Duke wrote:

> My friend Warren told me that (surprise) chris murphy is drumming for 
> jale in the interim.  Thats rock and roll.  He probably needs the extra 
> exposure, its good they didnt give that opportunity to some unknown who 
> would have really enjoyed it.  It makes me mad, its such a club and the 
> rule is you have to be bland and palatable personally to be successful.
> I could be wrong though.  Maybe it is some unknown.  I am feeling bitter 
> because I feel like my band is not going to play ever again, like we cant 
> be stars here because I am not a pretty enough woman or not a nice enough 
> woman.  Or not a skillful enough songwriter.  But its hard because I know 
> if we were taken under somebodies wing then the songs would be adequate.  
> It is a popularity contest.
> Emily.

Oh please.  So let me get this straight, your basically saying that you 
have little talent, and no image.  So what are people going to go see?  
People usually go to shows for the love of music, and this suprising 
thing, called entertainment.  I hate to admit it, but as sad as it is, 
the music business is a business.  While I empathize with the unfortunate 
discrimination that particularly women seem to have with having to have 
great looks, you can get around that (look at Rita McNeil, she's hardly 
your slim, attractive woman, and most of Jale are hardly your 
stereotypical cheerleaders) and if it's the attitude thing, look at bands 
like L7, and Hole, hardly cultured, refined people.  I happen to be in a 
go no-where band myself, but I'm not about to start blaming all my 
troubles on others.  That (as far as I know...) is the fastest way to 
ruining yourself...