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News from Chris P (i'm back!)

After a two week haitus i'm back! Neet huh? i'll just comment on some of
the things i've seen so far (i didn't think i'd miss so much mail! and
also the bbs i'm on has no offline reader so i have to go thru them one
at a time here i'm only upto messages received on june 14! pout)

The Local Rabbits-
HOW COME the second i leave everyone suddenly falls in love with them?!?
i remember when i first came here and asked if neone liked them i got
maybe 2 responses ;) well its nice that they're widening they're fan
base or something like that.

Hardship Post -
I've got the new album and i think its great... actually i like it all
except then at the last 3 songs i don't really like those too much. but
its not like i hate them i can sit thru them.

Ben Lee -
i actually saw someone mention ben lee here wow! i think it was ha ha
husa or whatever your name is ;) i got the Grandpaw Would cd and its
actually pretty good. Pop Queen really reeled me in i couldn't get that
song out of my head. Yah he's only 16 too.

Vinyls! -
Ok i sent away for four vinyls a coupla weeks ago, two from sappy and
two from murderecords and i've received the sappy ones so far:
ETH forward to snow - my frend has it and i liked it so i bought it but
my fave song on the 7" (the who) skips ALL OVER THE PLACE :( :(
Stereo Mountain Jule and the Porthole to Dimetia - really diverse,
really cool too.
And i sent for the sloan and superfrends new 7"'s they oughtta be here
by the end of the week i guess.

Jay Fergueson? -
I remember some talk a while back here about how jay or someone with the
same name did soundtracks and the like and i didn't pay much attention
but i was watching tales from the crypt a few nights ago and in the
creds i saw
Music - Jay Fergueson
and that kinda freaked me out.

Celebrities on the list -
Neet how Jay and Mike & Sebastian posted here (while i was gone of
course) now all we need is David Usher! *KIDDING*

My Life -
Like you care, but here goes
Schools out YES
I got my G2! (if you don't live in ontario, don't ask <g>) and my dad
sez that i should have insurance by July 1 so i should be driving soon
and it'll be easier for Novacain to practice and stuff.
My job : ok check this out i got a job at a drive in (the famous players
7&27 drivein brampton if you live near there check it out i might
be serving you popcorn or somethign) then i got fired a coupla weeks l8r
(i wasn't working out) then rehired (second chance). so i'm back to
getting money. i don't really think i fit in with my co-workers but its
not like i expected to.... its not like it totally sucks working
there neways.
And thats about it. oh yah im trying to grow my hair. will tell you how
it goes.


Chris "i never thought Alanis could make a song that didn't totally
suck" Peressotti