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Re: P.S., and t.hermit 7"

> >there *is* another difference though -- 300 of the singles are green,
> >the rest are black.
> Lemme guess.. all th' green ones are long gone.
> How many o' you netters gotta green one? Show of hands?

How many singles were there total?

For the record, I got a green one. Hah!

It's quite a spiffy single, too. Considerably less slick than "Twice
Removed", which was slick in a good way.

What is the status of Sloan, the band, these days? Are they long gone?
On hiatus? I hear about their being dropped by DGC, and about Chris
being in Superfriendz (and Jale!) and some of the other members doing
other projects and I'm just afraid that my fave-rave band is NO MORE!

Sorry about that. I'm just panicking a little. I know there's been some
discussion about hiati and stuff and I'm just curious. You'd think I'd
have something better to do.

Oh, and are there any Superfriendz releases?