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Re: waste of space/tara's stupid life/ sorry

On Wed, 21 Jun 1995, Emily Vey Duke wrote:

> My friend Warren told me that (surprise) chris murphy is drumming for 
> jale in the interim.  Thats rock and roll.  He probably needs the extra 
> exposure, its good they didnt give that opportunity to some unknown who 
> would have really enjoyed it.  It makes me mad, its such a club and the 
> rule is you have to be bland and palatable personally to be successful.

Chris Murphy has been helping them out at rehearsals.  Mike Bilitsky, who 
was in the Jellyfish Babies, and most recently Cheticamp will play on 
their upcoming tour, and quite probably their next album.  This is all 
because they're looking for a permanent drummer that's so unknown that 
even Chris Murphy doesn't know her/him.  This person has not yet 
presented her/himself.  

You kids get worked up over the darndest things.