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Re: Hardship Post

hej, yes the hp album is some good.. 

i finally got it yesterday from subpop together with the hey drag city comp.
and as i've been listening to it about ten times more than the drag 
city-comp it must make hardship post ten times better than all of them 
drag city-bands like gastr del sol, smog, silver jews and, um, pavement 
put together.. right? ;)

and for those of you who are not yet convinced of hp's greatness you should 
check out their own www-page at the subpop-site.. eight reasons are 
listed there why hardship post are so good.. '..mr.lippa called himself 
johnnie cox on the advance cd for no good reason' is just one of them..
(and the best one too..)

overall: they rawk. but not quite hard as they used to..and that doesn't 
neccessarily have to be a bad thing.. 

> after a listen or two i became hooked on the new cd, probably my favorite 
> release since weens c&c...lee