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Re: rag doll lyrics

> The lyrics are as follows:
> suffocated by your breath
> sucked into the falling crest

I've have been forced to listen to both released versions and I'm sure 
that it is "foamy" or "foaming" on cod and "falling" on cancer
could they have changed?  The two versions are quite different. 
I'm used to "Foaming/foamy cuz cod came out about 1/2 year before 

> of the white wave that you ride
I do like this though, on the Cod version it sounds

"of the wide whale sleep you ride"   :)

i dunno either

but hey, don't you just love the bass(not cod:) line on Laying Blame, 
crank it!!!!!


sitting in this room so long, waiting to go home  
i think about the comfort, being home alone   
i watch and think and listen to you talk about your dreams  
i want to be with you all the time but that ain't goning to be   
Eric's Trip's "Don't Worry About Me"       Adam Rodenhiser