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H.P.,E. T.,J_LE,etc.

hello it's the other weezer-the COOL one. anyway someone was talking about a
band called wyzard could you elaborate on this,it was said that if you like
sloan check em out and if you know if i could get them any where or order
them from someone.I just bought the e.t. peter ep its off of sub pop but l
think it may be the same one as the one on murder what else has erics trip
put out,l have tove tara and forever again but my stupid friend taped over
them with sloan,zumpano and the fat boys.is the elevator to hell record still
available l heard it was sold out?does any one have e.t. lyrics or tab they
could send my way it would be swell.l also bought the new (?) jale and i cant
believe how much they sound like the breeders which isnt all bad.I AM GOING
TO SEE THEE HARDSHIP POST ON SATURDAY finally a band that i can see not being
18+.they are going to be at the 89X birthday bash.rusty is also going to be
there among others although silver chair is going to be there and if you
havent heard them dont bother.okay l'm done...bye

matt-the only kid alive who still likes weezer-cieslak
i like the odds too