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really *big* post

Hello everyone, Iam back from a lotta days of greuling finals preperation.
 School just ended on Wednesday, And I just finished reading all my back mail
*Late* last night. So, If you wrote me something, And I haven't responded
yet, Don't think:
That pompus Bastard!!  Who does he think he is, He didn't even give me a two
word, smart-ass reply, let alone a serious response.  I'm gonna squash a
peanutbutter easteregg on his nose!
Alright, now that that's out of the way, on to the bread and buttah.
1.)Mattweezer(Cieslak) and I finally discovered a record store that's within
bearable driving distance that carrys cool stuff. I walked out of there with
a lighter wallet, and..
Somebody Spoke (I won't have to send away for it!)
Slick Talkin' Jack 7" (Didn't realize BOTH songs're on ss.)
Take another Drag 7" (More on this later)
Return to Chaos 7" (by Man or Astroman?)
Mattweezer bought a double CD Nirvana bootleg (used), and upon getting it
home and listening to it, he discovered that bothe discs (they both had the
same picture on them, but no writing) were "disc number two". He Also got
Jale (the cake one),and Eric's trip (Peter), that are gonna fetch blank tapes
from me.
2.)I just heard H.P. say sizzleteen.
If Jay Ferguson is still reading this, Please enlighten us if this word(s)
has a deeper meaning than "hot Teenager" as I've been told.
3.)I heard that sloan Has been officially dropped from DGC records, and I'm
not sure how I feel about this. I sorta knew that they wern't gonna release
anything else with them, But that sorta Finalizes it. I'm gonna hafta send
away to Murder All the way up in halifax for anything that they ever put out.
then i'll hafta wait forEVER while my order sits in a
Post Office Box, Rather than walking (not even driving) to the closeby
mediocre music store and picking it up off the shelf.  Ah well, I'll live,
Because I finally have heard a thrush hermit song besides the "don't step
onna crack if you love yer mother" one. I hereby declare that "take another
drag" rules earth, despite it's smoking references.  Now i'm kicking myself
(several times) for not ordering "smart bomb" and "G.P.O" with my last murder
order. And now all this local rabbits talk! 
 Now I gotta do another order. I'm kickin meself several more times. 4.)The
Poster Children, Kings o' th' Internet get a couple mentions. Bravo! More
opinions? I think Junior Citizen pretty much rawks.
Th best song on it is by far "he's my star". I'm a poet and I don't even know
5.) Anyone know how much it costs to press a flexi disc (soundpage)? I've
given up on the 7" idea.
6.)I just got mail from Pat Steward of the Odds. That means that every
Canadian band I've taken the time to write a letter to (the odds, Killjoys,
and sloan) have replied either personally as the odds and killjoys did, or
with a mailer as sloan did, While every american band I've sent a letter to
has ignored me (besides th' Happy accidents and Verve pipe, And I really
haven't given Pavement enough time, even for a mailer).  Anywho, he says
there's a new Odds release In canada, called "good weird feeling", And
although I've gotten the impression that you all hate the odds, I'm asking
anyway, Is it any good? It won't be released here until August.
7.)If Noone posts that twice removed quotes thing to the list, Please send me
a copy.
8.) I had no Idea "case of you" even existed. theres probably a zillion sloan
tracks I don't know about.  I know about and own: All o' smeared, peppermint,
and twice removed, the eric's trip cover, stood up, same old flame.
What I know about, but can't find: case of you, pillowfight, the songs on the
DGC singles.
Would anyone be willing to put these songs I can't find and any other
additions to the list on a tape?  I would be forever grateful.
9.) The "weezer hate list" is rapidly growing! join now, while there's still
time! here it is so far:
peeved at weezer: adamweezer
angry at weezer: Magnus (thanks fer the ET lyrics)
HATES weezer: anyone who has ever been in an AOL chatroom.
if ya wanna join, specify yr level of hatred.
10.) ORDER POPSCENE number three. An' send me mine while your at it hua!!  If
you've got my money now, that is.
Well, It wasn't as big as i thought it was gonna be, but I probably left a
whole buncha stuff out. Anyway, adios....for now.
11.) I left something out. What was that sloan flexidisc (soundpage) someone
was talkin' about.
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