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sloannet tees!!!

hey there 

no they havent been forgotten and no i havent taken any money and run :) 

anyhow there have been numerous delays and hinderences... including 
getting ripped off, going on tour, bumping the sloan shirts to make state 
champs shirts before i left... rise in cost of suplies ..and general life 

but anyhow everything is still on track and the slaonnet shirts should 
hopefully be completed before the end of this week!!!!


anyhow here is the list of people who's money i have and will recieve a 
shirt as soon as theyre done 

nina riihiaho
jason yanota
rob page
warren rodericks
adam rodenhiser
steve dinn
andrew rodenhiser
ryan benson
bill hutten
kAren wilkinson
patrick hawley
dale huston
keith moen
derek gates
lou kusnier
barbara yamazaki
matt lazowski
cp wAlsh
babrielle giattino
john pette
megan mallett
carol nishitoba
per langstrom
katrina grentz
jr covey
big joe
andrea gin
terri watson
shawn stackhouse
mark brown
gord dimitreff
jon batlett
mark wyton
james cooper
corey sutela
2 shirts for colin and one for jay at murder

ok i think thats correct...

heres the list of shirts im still unpayed for or confused about

rob reynolds
betsey green
lucas dambergs
hua hsu (need replacement check)
alex bozikovic
rachel fowers
david waraksa (need replacement check)
ian daye
rebecca snyder
johny skankin
mike nelson
roger nelson
marc dugas
alfred sanferd (need replacement check)
brendan ryan (bastArd ;P)
colin ward
mitch hastings
chris toms
cathy ondera
harish bhat
ste'phane savoie
brian weiser

i think thats it

i have katrina down as an unreplaced check ... katrina drop me a line

anyhow that was another delay.. as you recall my originAl plan was to 
wait and get all the money and make the shirts in one batch (which is 
alot more convenient) ..but as you can see i cant do that.. so what im 
gonna do now is go out and buy the shirts and make them for the people 
who's money i have already... so theyll get the shirts right away... the 

any newbies can also get shirts if they get in touch with me...

anyhow i think everything is pretty correct on those lists...

i recall a couple newbies asking for shirts but i havent recieved cash.. 
ill check my back mail and get in touch with you.. or you can get in 
touch with me...

mark make sure the murder order is correct.. i know its one for jAy and 
im sure colin wanted 2 .. im not totally sure...

ok i think thats all..

so till later


"i write music for soundtracs now" gbv